Varsity Online Advertising Rates

Adverts are available either costed on a tenancy arrangement, or available on a cost per impression in multiples of 1000 impressions. You are able to target your advert at Cambridge students only for 25% uplift on cpm cost. Daily caps and overall caps can be requested, along with limits on the number of times an advert is displayed to each visitor. Full statistics are provided when your campaign finishes, including total impressions per day and clicks per day if appropriate.

Artwork should be supplied as a suitable flash file or jpeg/gif image with the file size below 50kB. Other files may be accepted by arrangement.

To discuss more rates and packages, please contact Mark Curtis and the Advertising Team on 01223 33 75 75, or email

Advert TypeDimensions (pixels)Cost per weekCost per thousand impressions (cpm)
Sponsored Weblink N/a £25 N/a
Leaderboard Banner 728w x 90h £300 £20
Top Banner 468w x 60h £200 £15
Sidebar Banner
(displayed on article pages) 
160w x 600h £200 £15
  1. Weekly rates for banners are for 20,000 impressions (25% discount off cpm rate)
  2. See Quantcast for audience data.
  3. All prices exclude VAT which will be added at the rate in force at the time of publication.


1 Year floating box (250px h x 300px w) £1000
1 Month floating box £200
Up to 10,000 advert impressions per month.
These adverts are displayed inline with an article.