Varsity Display Advertising Rates

To discuss more rates and packages, please contact Mark Curtis and the Advertising Team on 01223 337575, or email For online advertising rates see Varsity Online.

All adverts are printed in full colour (CMYK).

Advert TypeDimensions (mm)Cost
  1. Rates shown are Run of Paper (ROP) but full page advertisements will face editorial and other sizes will either face editorial or have editorial on the same page, ie. there is no premium for facing editorial.
  2. However, to guarantee being the only advertisement on the page, advertisers may wish to consider Solus postions.
  3. Solus rates are ROP plus 15% position premium.
  4. Fixed positions / consecutive ads / spreads are subject to 15% position premium.
  5. All prices exclude VAT which will be added at the rate in force at the time of publication.
  6. For the avoidance of doubt, Varsity Publications Ltd does not pay agency commission unless agreed in advance, prices quoted are therefore both Gross and Net prices.
Full Page 270w x 345h £1200
3/4 Page 215w x 263h £750
Half Page
(page 3)
270w x 170h £700
Half Page 270w x 170h £500
Quarter Page 130w x 170h £300
20x16 160w x 200h £345
Back Page Banner 270w x 45h £475
12x10 105w x 120h £195
6x10 105w x 60h £120

Bundles and add-ons

Full wrap-around (4 pages) - £2500

Series Discounts
3 series - less 2.5%;
6 series - less 5%;
9 series - less 7.5%;
12 series less 10% for advertisements appearing within 12 months.
Cover positions and inserts are not subject to series discounts.

Web add-ons

1 Year floating box (250px h x 300px w) £1000
1 Month floating box £200
Up to 10,000 advert impressions per month at these rates. See the Varsity Online page for other online rates.